A Retroactive Retrospective

Nomadic Studio

an exhibition

Stockyard Institute repurposed the DePaul Art Museum as a nomadic studio, transforming the space into a hybrid station for production, exhibition, development, performance, publication and education.

Amidst four and a half months of programs and live performances, features included a convertible recording studio and radio station, Stockyard publication office (SITE), nomadic teacher center, workstations, exhibition space, curriculum kiosks, resource library and more.

Nomadic Studio communicated the ideas of those who imagine space in multiple contexts and very different intentions.The project celebrated the incidental, provisional, mobile, and related sites of production.

This exhibition was part of Studio Chicago, a yearlong collaborative project that focused on the artist’s studio.

the Studios

We considered the studios as art. From interior design, to furniture selection, to hand crafted elements, and attention to function, these studio installs were vital to the intent and spirit of the exhibition. In addition, there were a host of portable studios that were used in and out of the space for workshops, demonstrations and installations.

portable nomadic

A Retroactive Retrospective

Welcome to a virtual tour of our award-winning interactive exhibit.