A Retroactive Retrospective

a quick little paragraph about the exhibit and what this website tour is all about. Thesis of the site, not the exhibit. if you will. This site is a retrospective and is not the same as the exhibit? It’s more about the personal tour journal and art archive.


Dayton Castleman



While we’ve focused on the some of the more spatial aspects of Nomadic Studio, I’d like to spend today and tomorrow talking about a couple of the large-scale artworks that we had in the Main Gallery. Up first is artist and edu ...

Jeff Zimmermann


"Norf" & "Sowf"

The first thing anyone saw when visiting Nomadic Studio were Jeff Zimmermann’s gigantic twinned portraits “Norf” and “Sowf”< ...

Watie White


"Common Ground"

The next big-ticket item on our tour of the on-site murals is this enormous canvas by Nebraskan Watie White. We met Watie through our co-curator at St ...

Lavie Raven and Kat



One of the fun things about hosting an exhibit covering the nomadic nature of artists is having their work move in and out of the space and be a part of other shows and exhibits. At the top of Nomadic Studio, were ...

Zebadiah Arrington



Following up with another collaboration with the University of Hip Hop’s alum comes Lavie Raven’s protege, Zebadiah Arrington. Zeb’s a bit of a graffiti wizard and also a bit of a rascal. Jim Duignan introdu ...

Kevin Cyr


"Studio Bike"

Today, I’d like to start with one of the first inspirations for Nomadic Studio and a part of the exhibit. We we first discovered Kevin Cyr’s mobile marvels when doing our research and stumbled upon his epic camper bike in Beij ...