A Retroactive Retrospective

a quick little paragraph about the exhibit and what this website tour is all about. Thesis of the site, not the exhibit. if you will. This site is a retrospective and is not the same as the exhibit? It’s more about the personal tour journal and art archive.


Moving A Home Studio / Questions for Steve


w/ Steve Albini

This week, I’m taking a pause on the Studios and the Art to spend some time on the Events we held during the first month of Nomadic Studio. On opening night, it was our distinct pleasure to have Steve Albini come and spe ...

Rumpus Room Housewarming


w/ Bric-A-Brac, onono, & Small Awesome

The Rumpus Room has been used as a recording studio since at least 2001. Even before Brian McNally moved in and modified the Rumpus to its current glory, Gwen Ihnat encouraged us to use the space as a recording studio. Portions of Bric-A-Brac’s “16 Luxury Units” ...

Protect Yr. Neck: Credit and Insurance for Artists


w/ Bob Farster and Alex Maiolo

Our first non-opening event at Nomadic Studio involved two super smart gentlemen providing practical advice. Bob Farster and Alex Maiolo presented a double-header on how artists can improve their credit, and sort their insurance, ...

Home Recording Panel


w/ Mark Greenberg, Greg Norman, and Brian McNally

This one’s fun! I had the privilege of moderating this fine “Home Recording Panel” featuring Mark Greenberg, Greg Norman, and Brian McNally.

Paint Wars


w/ bear.illa x Anode

Taking a quick detour from the mural tour to talk about a really cool mini exhibit we held within the walls of Nomadic Studio. Jim Duignan, Beth Wiedner and I are all educators by trade, and so the lens of our exhibit was almost a ...

ConfiDance & A Night at the Museum


w/ ConNatural Artists & the Arts of Life feat. David Krueger

Yesterday’s “Paint Wars” benefit post is directly tied to today’s art. As I had mentioned, planning for the exhibit had already been locked in and underway when Beth Wiedner and I received an exciting opportunity to try something new with Nomadic Studio. Ian B ...

Solar-Powered Theremin Workshop


w/ Kate Revitte

Nomadic Studio wasn’t just a snappy title, although it was that, too. We worked in the space near-daily and while the panels were fun and informative presentations with Q&A sessions, we also held some hands-on art workshops in the space, as well as in 0170, the ...