Portable Nomadic

A Retroactive Retrospective

a quick little paragraph about the exhibit and what this website tour is all about. Thesis of the site, not the exhibit. if you will. This site is a retrospective and is not the same as the exhibit? It’s more about the personal tour journal and art archive.

Portable Nomadic

Prototype Nomadic Studio


Faiz Razi and Beth Wiedner

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of Nomadic Studio! Beth Wiedner and I co-curated this interactive exhibit with Jim Duignan and Stockyard Institute at the DePaul Art Museum from July 8th-November 20th, 2010. It was roughly fiv ...

Nomadic Floorplan


Faiz Razi

The preparation for Nomadic Studio dates back all the way to December of 2009—about seven months before the opening. We learned that our exhibit was to be part of a larger citywide initiative about the artists’ studio and what that meant to us. And while we were a ...

Portable Nomadic Studio


Brian McNally, Faiz Razi, and Beth Wiedner

With Nomadic Studio set in stone on the calendar, and our booking acumen pushed to the max to wrangle and organize the dozens of individuals set to participate, Beth Wiedner, Brian McNally and I decided to make our prototype for the exhibit a reality. We couldn’t th ...