A Retroactive Retrospective

We considered the studios as part of the art. From interior design, to furniture selection, to hand-crafted elements, and attention to function, these studio installs were vital to the intent and spirit of the exhibition.


the Rumpus Room


Faiz Razi, Beth Wiedner, and Brian McNally

Welcome to the Rumpus Room! The Rumpus was both the first Studio and first monthly theme. It’s a hand-built recreation of Gwen Ihnat and Brian McNally’s beloved basement bar and recording studio. While the rec ...



Ian Bennett

In the space right behind the Rumpus Room, was a portal to Anode Gallery. I say portal, in that the installation straddled the line between Portable and Studio space. Functioning as foyer and lounge in the Studio, the actual Anode ...



Jim Duignan

The Workroom was between the Rumpus Room and the SITE Office and was where we usually sat to plot the coming installs and events in the exhibit. It had a lot of artifacts, new and old from Stockyard Institute.

Black Public Radio


Jim Duignan, Davion Matthews, and Brandon Hudson

Stockyard Institute has historically had a fascination with radio as an institution, and our showing at Nomadic Studio was no exception. Jim Duignan and Davion Matthews installed their low-wattage radio transmitter into the spot b ...

SITE Office


Beth Wiedner, Faiz Razi, and Stockyard Institute

I purposefully waited to present this Studio towards the end, even though it was technically the first Studio we constructed. The “SITE Office” was a production studio and hub for collecting and organizing all of the g ...

Main Gallery


Faiz Razi, Beth Wiedner, and Jim Duignan

The Main Gallery was a congregational space. It functioned as a classroom, a venue, a workshop, a staging area, and was host to the majority of the events at Nomadic Studio. The gallery was flanked by Jeff Zimmerm ...