Musical Chairs: Cathode

We’re excited to share the end result of our Solar-Powered Theremin Workshop, which are the third set of Musical Chairs, entitled “Cathode”. “Musical Chairs” has been a long-running audio/art project featuring several different variants of painted prison bus seats with a musical component. It started back in 2008 with myself, Jim Duignan and Stockyard Institute, […]

Musical Chairs: Two

Following up with another collaboration with the University of Hip Hop’s alum comes Lavie Raven’s protege, Zebadiah Arrington. Zeb’s a bit of a graffiti wizard and also a bit of a rascal. Jim Duignan introduced him to Beth Wiedner and I when he was maybe fifteen when we were working on Musical Chairs. Even in […]

Mobile Silk Screening Cart

Today’s entry came together for the opening reception of the Bird Sanctuary. Mike Slattery’s “Mobile Silk Screening Cart” is really something to behold. It’s a sizable, yet totally portable silk screening studio. It has storage for inks and screens, papers for printing, a complete set of tools, a collapsible storage rack for drying, and a […]

Community Garden Canoe

Today’s lovely piece is by the late, great Eric Utech. Eric was an arts teacher who passed in November of 2009, just as our planning for Nomadic was in its infancy. Jim Duignan had been in contact with his colleague Anastasia Mitas at Hoffman School who suggested a novel idea for our exhibit. Eric and […]