ConfiDance & A Night at the Museum

ConfiDance & A Night at the Museum


w/ ConNatural Artists & the Arts of Life feat. David Krueger


Rumpus Room – Bird Sanctuary



Yesterday’s “Paint Wars” benefit post is directly tied to today’s art. As I had mentioned, planning for the exhibit had already been locked in and underway when Beth Wiedner and I received an exciting opportunity to try something new with Nomadic Studio. Ian Bennett and Renee Bennett of Anode Gallery brought Lonnie of bear.illa to pitch bringing “Paint Wars” to the space as a benefit showcase and auction. They brought along Kelli Becker of the Arts of Life and the fine folks at ConNatural artists. Naturally, we were in. It was too cool to pass up.

Our images today come from their “A Night at the Museum” event, which was a multimedia dance performance and miniature exhibit within our exhibit. The Latina ladies of ConNatural artists presented “ConfiDance”, which was a dance and movement performance that focused on self-empowerment for young women. They deftly danced their way around the 27 canvases in the middle of the gallery floor, and brought some really cool energy to the space.

On the right side of the image, we have a single selection from the half-dozen or so paintings brought in by Arts of Life that we kept in the museum for about half a month. Arts of Life is a long-running organization that provides an artistic output for developmentally disabled adults. They do good work so their artists can do great work. I’ll share the rest of the art they brought in when we archive all of this, but that night, we had the good fortune to have artist David Kreuger visit and pose with his work. The painting is entitled “Go and See the Reptiles”, and if I may editorialize for a moment, is maybe one of the finest titles I have heard. Seriously. Go and see the reptiles! Do it.




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